Urgent road-repair for Cloontuskert housing estate

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The local road L61125, situated internally within the Abbey housing estate in Cloontuskert, Co. Roscommon, has been allowed to fall into a state of extreme disrepair and is causing great concern for the residents. The road surface features extensive pot-holes and has become appreciably worn over a long period of time. The road-surface level also lacks regularity due to severe erosion along by road-side curbs.

A number of residents in Cloontuskert frequently walk the circular loop of the estate, particularly at night-time. Due to the road surface, risks of trips and falls are very likely, due to the pronounced dip in the level of the road between the curb-side and the centre of the road, where walkers typically step for safety when cars are passing by.

The most recent AGM of Cloontuskert Residents Association was held on the 1st of November 2017, where the current state of the road was highlighted by all in attendance. The required extent of repair goes far beyond the patching up of pot-holes. The required works justify full-depth roadway replacement, after years of temporary-solution patching.

We are calling on representatives from Roscommon County Council to meet with the Committee of Cloontuskert Residents Association to assess the rapidly deteriorating L61125 and put a plan in place for its urgent repair.


The Committee of Cloontuskert Residents Association (2017 - 2018)