Demand RISD Install a Memorial Honoring Enslaved Peoples in Market Square

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We come together as alumnx, students, faculty and staff of Rhode Island School of Design and the greater Rhode Island community. We demand that the institution acknowledge its historical progression from slavery and colonization with a memorial for the stolen Black and brown lives sold in Market Square and exploited in New England. By no means do we feel this memorial will be a reparation for slavery, genocide, racialized exploitation, nor for the continued elitism, racism and discrimination that persist on campus. Yet a visible admission of the unjustness undergirding RISD’s settler legacy is a necessary step as we now work to create structural changes, means of accountability and openings for solidarity.

We demand a public-facing acknowledgement that this request has been received by July 31 2020.

We demand a formal invitation to begin planning the memorial by September 30 2020, in conversation with Rhode Island community representatives and RISD student groups, BAAD and RISD ARC, all labor compensated.

We demand the project plan to be authorized with an installation date confirmed by the end of the academic year 20/21.

We demand a public ceremony at the unveiling of this important installation for the RISD community and surrounding Rhode Island communities.

***When signing, if RISD affiliated please include your department, graduation year, title or position.