Small Business Needs $ help NOT loans. It's time for banks to give back from the bailout!

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Small Businesses can NOT survive this shut down.  We need financial relief NOT loans that we can not afford to pay back.  We bailed out the banks in the past and it is time for them to give it back.  We are calling for suspension of payments until this crisis is over.  We can not pay our mortgages, and rents and business expenses with no income. Family run and mom & pop stores can not pay employees when we have no income.  We need REAL solutions NOW.  The gov. is already talking about bailing out the airlines.  What about the small businesses?  The effect of this on our families and communities is immeasurable. Employees can not pay rents and mortgages when they can't work.  Other countries have already suspended mortgage payments it is time for the the U.S. to support us - the working people and small business owners. The food industry, health and wellness are devastated. Please help us send a message to our leaders NOW!!