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Stop Police Sexual Violence and Brutality Against Women!

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In August of 2013, I was sexually and physically assaulted by a Bridgeport police officer when I traveled to a family member's home to check on her well-being and bring monthly groceries.  The officer assaulted me around the corner of my family's property, in which, I proceeded to defend myself. He also threatened to "gang" rape said family member.  As I was able to walk away, I was told to get on the ground by another officer, in which I did.  At that point, as I was trying to relay to the other officers and my family member what had happened Officer Brito attempted to break my neck (twice) and arm.  Then, at gun-point he further sexually and physically assaulted me.  After that, he arrested me and charged me with assault on a public safety worker and breach of peace. While in jail, both my legs and hands were bound as two other women and me were transported to another floor and room outside a staff member's office.  The officer standing guard asked that one of us perform a sexual act on the staff member (Court Marshall), in addition to being asked to perform the same sexual act for a meal.  I was appalled by the blatant abuse of power and the use of violence against women as a means to coerce, silence, and blame.  I want justice for what had happened to me and the other women. Thus, I am asking people to sign my petition in the hope that the officer will be arrested, fired from his position, and tried for his criminal acts. I also want the judicial system to recognize that I was acting in self-defense and drop the charges against me. I believe doing this will prevent future police misconduct and brutality.  I also wanted to shed light on the many types of corruption and brutality within the entire Bridgeport police department and judicial system. I believe the exploitation and violation of civilian's rights through violence, false reporting, and police cover-ups need to stop.  Systematic abuse of power seems to work simply because the officers and court staff outnumber and intimidate their victims. I believe it is important for all of us to stand on the side of justice in the promotion of civil and human rights and not disgraceful acts of violence and valor.

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