No to the Cable Way at Springbrook

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This is a petition to voice the concern against the Cable Way proposition put forward by Mayor Tom Tate and the Gold Coast City Council in Queensland. 

While it has been a hot topic of conversation to any floundering promise of a failing Mayoral Position to try and put forward a Cable Way, studies have shown that as a means of ‘economic’ increase, cableways and other related travel options do not provide the same source of income as a proper road infrastructure does. 

Springbrook is based off in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast, known for its views and waterfalls, and the Cable Way will directly damage its reputation for views and scenery, as there is no way to possible create a cable car without some form of obstruction. While it might benefit the 2 businesses at the landing, every other business will see no financial income and therefore no real gain will be created for the community. The Cable Way will offer no alternative means of travel meaning that the other aspects of Springbrook will be neglected for wherever the landing is placed. 

Focussing council and government energy into maintaining mountain roads and bolstering more business on Springbrook is a far better scheme to implement than a poorly State Government funded attempt at boosting tourism to 1% of the mountain. 

Please do not let this Cable Way proceed. It’s idea is appalling and destructive to the very idea of Springbrook. There are far better measures that can be implemented to make the mountain a more financial benefit to the Gold Coast. 


If the Gold Coast City Council would like to talk to someone with ideas and better options, I volunteer myself, Java Greatorix (Bachelor of International Relations and Government from the Griffith University Business School) to help put forward better plans in the future. 

The Cable Way is a poor idea and should not be implemented.