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Change the result of opponents quitting in MTO NBA 2k17

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At this point in the life span of 2k17 MyTeam, it has become quite apparent what the in game mechanics are regarding your opponent quitting a game while winning by a certain amount. If you are up by a certain amount, and your opponent quits, you both receive losses.

Why is this in place? We believe it is to deter boosting quickly through the ranks and prestiges of MTO. Not even in theory is this a properly functioning mechanic, let alone in practice. Considering the random matchmaking that occurs in MTO, not even properly pairing your team against a team in the same league or same realm of leagues, intentionally matching with someone and having them quit to get you a win is nearly impossible, if not actually impossible.

Why is this important? Going undefeated in a league is sought after, as that gets you all of the rewards, and the best rewards that the league has to offer. Most of these rewards are limited in that they can only be obtained by going through the mode and going undefeated.

What are the stipulations of having this mechanic in place? People spend A LOT of time, money, and effort to create the team they want, and to perform well with said team. They have done all of this, and properly prepared and performed against their opponent, who may or may not have done the same. The game ends abruptly as the opponent quits, and the actual victor has earned a loss instead of a win. Now all of that TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT have been effectively wasted, although not at all at the fault of the player. Instead, the game arbitrarily decides that although winning the game and forcing the other player out of competition, a loss is warranted.

What are the proposed solutions? Ideally, if my opponent quits at any point during the game, I should receive a win. There are no real arguments against that at this point. Just like in any competition, if your opponent forfeits, to the victor goes the spoils. If an Olympian drops out of the race, the other athletes aren't automatically awarded losses just because not everyone finished the race. In no other circumstances does a quit result in a loss, so why should it here?

The support staff has indicated this was an intentional mechanic implemented by the dev. team to prevent certain abuse of the system, however there has been no specific identification of what that abuse could even be up until this point.

Most every player has suffered from this at one point or another. Either our undefeated record is no longer undefeated and we lose out on the top tier rewards, we receive a loss that would have moved us on to the next league, or we were demoted to the last league because of a loss improperly received.

In short, it does not make sense, nor is it fair to the loyal player base. A win is a win in nearly everyone's eyes, and it can generally be agreed on that your opponent quitting is a win on your end. We seek action from the community managers, Ronnie and LD, please help us alleviate this issue, surely you can see the horrible interpretation of an otherwise useless mechanic.

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