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Pledge Against Buying New VideoGames from 2K Gaming Industries

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2K has robbed millions of customers and are continuing to do so at a rapid rate. NBA 2K18 and Mafia 3 opened my eyes to this new problem in the gaming industry. In Nba 2K18, they have made it a pay to play system. This system is predatory in the sense that it will eat the customer's wallets alive.
NBA 2K18 has a steep price of $60-$120, based on what add-ons that the customer wants. The problem is that the price will not drop until the end of May, and there are no real competitors in the basketball gaming industry. Signing online to NBA 2k18 on the release date was an attractive idea to me. To play this new game with others who would have similar overalls and similar experience in playing basketball games was something I was excited about.
That was when my eyes were opened. At the NBA Park, players were getting beat, but then buying Virtual Currency to upgrade their players. Within minutes, those who could afford the virtual currency were unstoppable. This broke my heart because it made my $60 purchase worthless within minutes as I was not going to pay 2k another $50 to be able to compete against other players.
Mafia 3 is the perfect example of a game that was a good idea but faltered in the end. I was excited about running a drug empire and being a ruthless man because this is the opposite of the person that I am in life. Mafia 3 fell into a repetitive loop with the same animations, the same building takeovers, and doing the same activities over and over again. Though these activities symbolize human nature in their repetitive tendencies, I crave a game that does not feel like I am just working my way through a video game doing the same activities repetitively.
My personal stories are in this petition because I understand that other customers have experienced thoughts and similar situations as mentioned above. There are many more stories that could be shared, but the point has been made.
This is not personal cry for attention. This is an attempt to raise awareness in the gaming community. There are many people like me who are being conditioned to have to purchase additional items online to succeed. This needs to stop. Even though the new generation of gaming has arrived. 2K, along with other companies, sees its customers as cows that can be milked. The old days of true quality gaming are gone where you can get a full game for one price. Now, developers are releasing half finished games to their customers and are making them pay extra fees for parts of the game that should have been included in the original price.

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