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Let Howard Stern Know His Fans Feel Cheated (SiriusXM)

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This is very plain and simple. 

Please sign this petition to let Howard know that you are unhappy with the terrible fake call-in bits with horrible jokes and literally over 100 things that could be listed here that every fan knows is going down hill. This is a terrible thing. He is ruining the end of his career for all his loyal fans who followed him from FM radio and helped him achieve this uncensored format.

With just 3 days a week just providing a politically correct show with celebrity interviews funneling in and out people just wanting to promote a movie or show the show is sliding down hill. Howard has become everything he promised to make fun of. Do not let Howard slip into the comfortable numb that is Hollywood. 

Tell Howard by signing this that you are unhappy with how he has changed into something he promised he would never become and fought the FCC bare knuckle to not have to conform to. This petition could go into deep detail but fans know how far the show has sunk. Please sign in to see if you can help.

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