Anti-cheat for CE & LT in NBA2K Games on PC

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Enough is enough, we want a legit community on PC for NBA2K Games. Some people work hard on them players for unlock attributes and badges... But we have players who don't do that. They launch "Cheat Engine" or "Limono Trainer", one the most basically cheat software and put attributes and badges (they can put all badges in HoF, all Grand Badges) on them players or a basketball player skin sometimes... This is not fair for the community who played and also invested on NBA2K Games.

We ask and we want an anti-cheat plugin to block Cheat Engine, Limono Trainer, hackers and cheaters.

NBA2K PC Community need a consideration for players who buy and invest their time in NBA 2K. The situation must change !

Reactions of PC legit players:

Karlito: "Hello 2k, I play from nba 2k 11 has your game on my pc and since the appearance of the mode "online" the proliferation of cheats has not stopped increasing without for your side you did not put up a system Anti-cheat, personally nba 2k 17 was the version too and I completely abandoned the game on pc, with the sums invested by the players to play your game I find your indiference really shame because the pc community is gangrened by The cheaters and you have the means to do something.
Do not let us down and do your job to the end!

Thank you in hope that you will take our demands into account.

A frustrated pc player."

dominikPL: "First of all cheating, especialy in sport games, is just a bad spirit. Not only, that cheaters' attributes ain't capped at all, but they're also able to get every single badge on Hall of Fame level, crash whole parks, disconnects other players from game and all that kinda stuff. It leaves bad taste in mouth, it's unfair. 7.6ft LeBrons with all attributes at 99, 10ft aliens, cheated animations. It makes you wanna quit the game and never come back."

Tasos: "Cheaters in NBA2k17 (PC version) have "taken over". They are above 65% of the people that actually play the game. Only 25% (maybe even less) are legit people and even some of them tend to cheating due to frustration. To conclude the devs need to do something about to it so that legit people can play without having the "fear" of facing a cheater. Cheaters are not unbeatable, but more of unfair."

Kris: "After countless discussions with 2K support the question still remains: Why does 2K refuse to do anything about CheatEngine users in MyPark? Why are they unwilling to just set up a simple anti-cheat system so that legit players won't have to keep going up against 99 overall players with 9 park badges and countless hall of fame badges? Technically/software-wise it's a simple and basic thing that could easily be done and is considered standard stuff in almost any other online-game. Yet 2K simply refuses to do anything about this well known problem and even seems to have ordered their social media and support staff to avoid addressing this issue altogether.
This leads me to the following conclusions: a) they really don't care about their PC customers and/or b) they're afraid of losing money because they're under the impression that there is a large number of customers who specifically buy the game for PC because of the possibility to use cheats. Whichever reason it is, the atrocious mishandling of this issue by their company as a whole has turned the online-gaming part of NBA 2K into an abomination and has clearly further tainted 2K's already battered image amongst the PC community."

KoReMan: "Dear 2k, I love your game, since I bought it I have not played any other game, but this may come to an end .. since every day that passes there are more and more people using hacks, something a company As you should not allow (the other day 90% of mypark players were using hacks). For that reason, despite what I like nba2k, I do not think to buy 2k18, I do not want to pay to go through the same, I lost many vcs because of these cheaters and their constant drops of servers, and no one has returned my Lost hours of game, nor my money ... I only hope that they react to these facts, that they use some kind of anticheat like the good games do ... and you are the best of nba and there are only hackers !!! REACTION!"

MalpariT: "I would like 2kgames to become aware of their unfortunate support of PC users and particularly in reference to infestation of users who modify the game at will, to cheat. It is a situation whereby myself and many other users end up bored and feel absolutely ripped off. Implement mechanisms to avoid that problem of which I have no reference that occurs in xbox or ps4 at least not at this level. Otherwise I and many other players, failing to officially ignore us, we will do and we do everything possible to prevent other users, current or future, from falling into the trap of what is nba2k for pc, an unfinished game, Full of bugs, with pathetic servers, which add to the cheater-hacker theme making trying to play sometimes impossible. And certainly an important part of the solution of the problem has to come from the Steam platform."

Gin: "I have been playing since NBA 2K15 and the MyPark has never been as good as this year. Now, cheaters are released their infamies earlier and earlier. That "safe" time where they are working on new cheats (that can be called "happinesss" time) during the beginning of each new games release is the only moment where players can fully enjoy the game. Unfortunatly this time is becomming almost nil. Take Two needs to respect (should I say pays a tribute of?) those players who - still - spend their time in the game, those players who invest their resources in the game & those players who support the game.
At last, we're talking about your baby that you put year(s) to develop. That same baby which is polluted by rascals. If you don't want to take care of the PC Community, at least take care of your game(s)."


The community has spoken, listen to her.

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