Beachwood Blvd and Birch st. Intersection !!!

Beachwood Blvd and Birch st. Intersection !!!

February 2, 2020
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Ronald F. Roma Jr. and
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Started by Jonathon Neal

The traffic intersection of Beachwood Blvd and Birch st. In the town of Beachwood, NJ has proved itself time and time again to be dangerous. With poor visibility of incoming traffic when crossing Beachwood blvd. Due to the landscape of the neighboring houses combined with the high rate of speed motorists use when traveling on Beachwood Blvd. There have been a large number of very serious accidents that have taken place.

Currently the ordinance set in place for the clearance of landscape and property from the roadway has deemed this intersection “up to code”.

This petitions goal is to change one of two things. 

1. Change the ordinance to allow the code enforcement officials to increase the required clearance from the roadway of any property or landscape that block visibility. 

2. Install a Traffic light which would eliminate the need for increased visibility. 

With the current “blinking” traffic light that is already in place the structure needed to mount a standard traffic light already exists. So this change will not be a drastic one. 

Thank everyone in advance for taking the time to consider this petition. The accidents that have taken place at this intersection have cause hardships for many families including my own. It’s apparent that it’s only a matter of time before lives are lost if no action is taken. 


This petition made change with 183 supporters!

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