2021 Outdoor Nursery Graduations to be Attended by Caregivers.

2021 Outdoor Nursery Graduations to be Attended by Caregivers.

5 June 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chate Mwape

We, as parents, carers and nursery owners demand to be told the reason behind the recent council decision to ban nursery school outdoor graduations.

Children have had a large part of their childhood irreversibly disrupted over the past year. To do something fun and exciting and regain a taste of normality, they have been practicing their graduation songs with the hope and belief that they can show their parents their hard work. It is cruel, heartless and unfair to try and take this opportunity away from them and makes us question where the duty of care for our children is.

Children’s mental, emotional and psychological safety & well-being has been ignored in preference to other demographics in society. They would not be in close contact with parents sitting metres away in the open air to put them at any form of risk, especially as they are the demographic with the least scientifically recorded amount of risk (refer to WHO, Vaers reports, gov.uk, NHS records for confirmation).

At the height of the pandemic ceremonies were permitted. Please explain why you suggest this not take place in 2021. We would like to be provided the following information for which the end result was the cancellation of graduation ceremonies:

1.      The Risk Assessment steps that brought about this conclusion.

2.      The reason to go against Government suggested guidelines for outdoor gatherings which also allow 50 people at a wedding, up to 60 people at indoor church gatherings, 6000 at football screening, people to socialise in pubs and restaurants and more. 

3.      The Scientific facts that backs the risk of this situation.

4.      The Thought Process that determined that people who do the following will put others at risk. If the following are useless or risky, then please explain their daily recommendation.

a.      Social distance

b.      Wear Government advised face coverings

c.       Sit Outdoors

d.      Have children in their daily nursery school “bubbles” perform in small groups at the ceremony safely away from parents.

As a council and government we elected, we the people who pay council taxes and elected you to work with us to create a positive future demand and deserve to know why this was decided, by whom and to what logic and/or common sense this decision has been made.

People have followed most government recommendations, even when they do not make logical sense but for the sake of our children and creating some form of normality for them, THIS TIME, it is not satisfactory to simply state that it is not permitted to keep them "safe" - explain yourselves and do so fully please.

We are NOT going to support illogical and irrational decisions when it comes to our Children’s emotional well being. Children must come first from now onwards. Please stop the pretence that you care for our children when you take away their right to joyful childhood experiences. If the children are at the heart of your governance, it is time to prove it and make decisions that support them.

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Signatures: 57Next Goal: 100
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