We want recycling receptacles in downtown Creston, B.C.!

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"The Town of Creston strongly encourages residents to recycle!"-Town of Creston website.

Great! Let's do it! This is a call to action to encourage movement on the building of recycling receptacles in the downtown core of Creston! Keep our streets clean!

I've compiled a selection of quotes from the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) & Town of Creston's(ToC) websites, documents, & Integrated Community Sustainability Plan that all indicate that waste management via recycling is a priority for the Valley, its residents & municipal/regional governments. We can remind our policymakers that this is an important issue to us, please sign & share!

"The benefits of recycling are endless!

Reduces unnecessary waste
Reduces consumption of resources
Reduces your disposal costs
Reduces landfilling costs and extends landfill life
Recovers non-renewable resources." Town of Creston, Website.

"Recycling is an important part of the RDCK’s efforts to
reduce waste. Recycling also lessens pressure on
non-renewable resources, reduces waste management
costs, and extends the life of landfills"! Did you know that up to 60% of your household waste can be diverted from entering landfills just by recycling and composting? Recycling programs are available to all residents in the Regional District of Central Kootenay for materials such as glass food & beverage containers, tin & aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, plastic containers and mixed paper." -RDCK Website.

The Town of Creston wants to "Explore improvements to recycling and
composting systems to make it easier for users, and to create a waste diversion."-ToC's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

"The Regional District of Central Kootenay Board has directed staff to incorporate Zero Waste and Zero Pollution as long terms goals in the RDCK's Resource Recovery Plan...A Zero Waste and Zero Pollution philosophy is the foundation of the Resource Recovery Plan and guides all of our future actions and policies.

...Zero Waste represents the recycling of all materials back into the marketplace or natural environment and in a manner that protects human and ecological health”.-RDCK Website