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Stop aquarium from being built in San Antonio mall

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Rivercenter Mall, located in Downtown San Antonio, is building an aquarium that is set to open in the spring of 2018. A mall is a place for people to grab something to eat and shop. It is by no means a place where animals should be forced to spend the entirety of their lives.

The aquarium, called Sea Life aquarium, will have animals such as seahorses, sharks, rays, and more. Developers say that the exhibit will offer an educational experience for tourists, but there is nothing educational about watching animals in captivity. Instead, it teaches children that it is okay to put animals in tiny tanks against their will, just so we can be entertained. 

Sharks swim miles and miles in the ocean everyday, and some have to constantly swim in order to breath. In captivity they are forced to swim in circles, in a tank that is a tiny fraction of the ocean. Exposing animals like sharks to situations where they are always being stared at and on display is extremely stressful for them. They will never hear the ocean sounds, feel the ocean current, or even hunt, all of which are important parts of their lives in the ocean.

If these animals are subjected to a life confined in a tank at the Rivercenter mall they will be denied everything that is important and natural to them. Please urge the mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, to stop construction on this aquarium immediately.

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