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Prior to the school shooting in Florida, parents had noticed that Capital High School was always wide open for anyone to walk right in.  Students have class in the A building where the office is located.  Office staff can see out the glass windows who is walking by and have never stopped anyone to ask why they are there.  The commons area is unlocked during the day as well.  On a campus where the students have to change buildings for class during the day, it appears the doors are left unlocked for this purpose.  However,  the A building is outfitted with a buzzer and intercom where a parent could be buzzed in to sign their child out or have a meeting in the office with an Administrator if necessary.  These kids come from Middle Schools where to get into the schools you have to be buzzed in.  Some parents have expressed concern that anyone can come into a few of the buildings at any time throughout the day.  This causes great concern for parents regarding the safety of the children and staff.  While it may have been an inconvenience to have to wait outside until someone buzzed you in to the Middle Schools,  it gave parents peace of mind that it was relatively safe in that school in that no one could just walk in and possible hurt students or staff.  Coming from schools that had the doors locked parents have had concerns about this issue at Capital prior to the short tings in Florida.  If there is a child who is expelled at our school we do not want them in either.  We are acting with our kids and staff safety in mind.  It may be difficult to coordinate locks and timers on all of the buildings but any cost is a small price to pay for our kids safety. Please support our children and teachers and administrators and keep them safe!!!!

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