Save Florida Iguanas

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Im trying to save these beautiful creatures!!!

Govener Desantis signs bill to save the everglades but then allows Wildlife Fish & Game to tell people to slaughter these creatures... they should be humanely trapped and put in the everglade area! Not killed!!! They should be respected since your on thier land...also set up a program where people can contact someone and make a donation and legally release in the everglades..use the donations to keep the everglades taken care of. Better yet lets ban the sale of them in private breeding and pet stores also! To all the people that just drop them off when the novelty wears off, they will most likely not make it because they dont know other animals are not gonna be as nice! Like alligators! You chose to purchase and raise as a follow through with your responsibility!! In a world that lacks this nowadays. Read the news ...even children are becoming disposable. Please ask Governor Desantis to work with Wildlife Fish & Game to come up with a more HUMANE SOLUTION and HELP these BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!!!