MDC Board of Trustees Must Reinstate Process for Miami Dade College President Selection

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The Miami Dade College Presidency should not be hijacked. The transparent selection process must not be undermined.

Colleges and Universities hold a special place in our society. They are the ultimate “town squares” --- where diversity of thought and academic freedom reign supreme. We cannot allow colleges and universities to become political playgrounds where politicians appoint the politically connected. Miami Dade College, one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in America, is in the process of searching for a new president. MDC’s iconic President, Eduardo J. Padrón, is retiring.

In March 2019, a 17-member search committee was empowered to represent all of the stakeholders in screening qualified candidates for the Miami Dade College presidency. The presidential Search Committee received over 500 inquiries, resulting in 50 applicants before the screening committee recommended 4 qualified finalists to the Trustees.

The Trustees were scheduled to select the new president on July 24, 2019. In a shocking vote of 6-1, the board of trustees (BOT), which included 5 recently appointed members, canceled the entire search process. The board of trustees has decided to conduct the search on its own, without any stakeholder involvement or oversight.

The MDC presidency should not be hijacked. Scholars and students everywhere call upon the MDC BOT to maintain the transparent selection process that has been in place for months and to select a new president from among the qualified 4 finalists recommended by the presidential search committee.

The community is alarmed. The student body and faculty are outraged. We demand that the trustees keep their commitment to the original transparent selection process and honor the principles of the academic and higher education community.

Please sign this petition to demand the BOT uphold the legitimacy of the search process by selecting one of the qualified four names put forward.

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