Remove or make optional the ACT and SAT as college requirement and high school graduation

Remove or make optional the ACT and SAT as college requirement and high school graduation

March 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

1.      The Problem:

·         limits students' opportunities to enter university.


2.      Why the Current Situation is Unacceptable:

·         don’t provide an accurate view of real knowledge or potential.

·         high school grade point averages, measuring achievement over time and multiple test opportunities, were more successful indicators of future performance and success than act or sat.

3.      Undecided Audience:

·         What many people may not know about this topic is that more generally, 32 percent of adolescents have suffered from an anxiety disorder – numbers that have been rising in tandem with the prevalence of standardized testing.  

         The goal of the act and sat is in general attempt to measure college readiness and predict future academic success.


4.      Counterclaim:

·         Some people might oppose this change because the scores on the SAT and ACT allow them to narrow down the playing field and make decisions on acceptance. This also makes your individual score extremely important. The schools that are receiving 75,000 applications don't have time to read every document, transcript, or essay.


5.      Your Counter to their Counterclaim:

·         However, all these colleges work together with the college board, which administers and distributes the exams, and assigns the points, as they may not have time for something like this, if they have enough money to do it, see essay by essay and give the students a real chance of being accepted to the college.

6.    Impact:

·         With your help, this change will give a little bit more opportunity in matter of education to all student that really deserve to go to college and make higher education a little more accessible to all students.

7.   Call to Action:

    pressuring state governors to remove it, expressing our personal experiences about act and sat, contrasting what act and sat measures with real college experiences, not attending act and sat, these are clear and effective ways to show that we don’t want act and sat.


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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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