Please sign for the release of Jeffrey Abramowski a innocent man already served 18 years

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My name is Jeffrey Charles Abramowski. I need your help. Please sign this petition in order to get exhortation from a crime I did not commit. I was accused of murder in the second degree of a friend. They say I did this but look what they did to make up lies, false statements from jail informants for shortened jail time, threatened witnesses if they didn’t help convict me that they would end up in jail as well, and made deals with criminals to lie against me in results their whole record would disappear if wrong doings. They lied, kept out witnesses that would have proven that I wasn’t the one who did this crime. Instead the Homicide Detective lied on my interrogation video stating that my hair was found in the victims hand clenched then gets on the stand and says he has never said such. So many lies and coercion down to the medical examiner that changed his statements that the victim was dead when found approximately 8-12 hours, then changed his statement on the stand saying that he couldn’t answer the time of death. He could only say time of death to be between the last time seen alive til time he was found. Then the dna expert if the state stated that my dna was found under the victims nails which when tested only reported 2 loci out of a 13 panel test which was totally not a hit of putting anyone in the crime and should have been thrown out totally since a reading could not make a positive link. I had private testing done by experts that have tested the victims nails and reported no dna of mine was found period. The victims girlfriend and her son’s dna of hair being clenched in victims hand and her sons blood found in the victims private bathroom/bedroom sink. Please speak up about wrongful conviction, it could happen to you too. Thank you all for your support and prayers.