Place high quality stormwater filters for Biscayne Bay!

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It is devastating and amazing to learn that the officials of Miami have been aware for some time now of the detrimental effects that stormwater pollution can produce in our beautiful city's bay, yet not enough action or preventative measures have been taken. Now, we sadly face the consequence of our bay dying, fish turning up dead, canals changing color, etc. All this clearly exemplifying the damage of pollution and careless urban activities; with plastics of all sorts and garbage floating along the bay, this has become a daily view. The view I would wake up to every day living in Brickell, a city I used to admire as it was so full of life, but now full of squalor and disarray. 

We must now demand for our governor, Ron Desantis, and our mayor, Carlos A.Gimenez, to help solve this problem. Installing high quality stormwater filters would be the first order of business, to treat the current problem as well as prevent any further problems. Engaging and encouraging beach and/or canal clean ups would be needed as well; schools and educational institutions would be a great place to encourage this and teach future generations the importance of coexisting with our bay sustainably. Enforcing littering fines as well as intensifying bay patrols is a must; so many people dispose of their waste carelessly into the ocean as though the sea is their garbage and many times it is because they lack the education on this matter. Many tourists and residents enjoy Miami through its beaches, marine life, night life, water activities, amongst others. However, this enjoyment can be heavily compromised by a poor and dirty environment. No one wants to swim in garbage filled waters. It can even be detrimental to people's health. We can do better than this, lets' make Miami great again. 

Organizations such as sendit4thesea have been trying with their best efforts to mitigate this problem, however we need governmental officials to take action and stop ignoring this problem, which essentially can compromise everyone's health not just the bay itself.

Directly from Miami Dade's government website: (This goes to show the knowledge officials already had about this problem, yet it keeps being swept under the carpet as our bay continues dying) WE NEED ACTION NOW!

Stormwater pollution
Rainfall constantly washes away the dirt and pollution of our urban activities. This pollution can include litter, oil and other vehicle fluids, and any other chemicals that are on the ground. As industrial, commercial and residential development increases, dirty stormwater has become a major pollutant to the environment. In addition to their being more contaminants, areas where open soil once soaked up the rain are now covered with concrete and buildings.

Stormwater is often carried through drainage pipes to outfalls into large bodies of water. This water is often not filtered or treated before being discharged and can contaminate our canals, rivers, lakes, Biscayne Bay and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.

There are three main types of stormwater pollution:

Litter: cans, paper and plastic bags, and very commonly, cigarette butts

Chemicals: detergents, automotive fluids, and fertilizers
Organic waste: leaves, lawn and garden clippings, and animal excrement.