#FreeKrisHelton Innocent and held in prison 28+ years #Help!

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Kris Helton is innocent and held in prison now more than 28 years! 

Kris was granted his habeas corpus (discharge) by 1 state and 4 federal judges, based on the merits of his case. Yet, his attorney filed the habeas corpus in the wrong timing. The attorney was confused between state and federal timing. Plus, the attorneys parents had passed away one after the other. 

Because of this attorneys mistake kris has been held in prison over 28 years. Innocent and held in prison. 

Kris is not a typical inmate. Ironically he’d problem be a judge right now had this situation not happened. Kris graduated from three major law colleges in New York. Kris never got a tattoo in prison, Kris stays away from trouble and Kris has won hundreds of law cases from behind bars. 

When Kris had been locked up for 25 years without a  disciplinary report a judge told him that would be impossible for him to do himself. Kris is a man of honor and integrity.

Kris would have been home well over two decades ago if the attorney would have simply filed his habeas corpus in the correct timing. He has been stuck nearly three decades on this  procedural technicality. 

Kris is an honorable square guy with a great moral compass. True blue York-Englishman of upright character. He is loving, kind, thoughtful, helpful and cares for all types of people equally and helps so many around him daily. 

I ask ask that you sign my petition and help bring my husband home � thank you! Shannon Helton