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Enrico "Kiko" Forti, an Italian citizen, and a father of 3, has been in prison for 20 years for a crime he did not commit. Since day one, he has maintained his innocence. There is no forensic evidence linking Kiko to the murder of Dale Pike. Not only did the police rush to judgment, but the prosecutors admit Enrico Forti is not the killer. In fact, they admit German conman,Thomas Knott was involved in the murder, yet, prosecutors entered into a plea agreement with him for fraud and exploitation of an elderly person, because Knott stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the victim's father, Anthony Pike. And, Dale knew about it.

When Dale Pike's body was found on the beach in Miami, Thomas Knott vanished and tried to flee the state. Kiko contacted the police to help provide any information.

Kiko did not receive a fair trial and the police failed to do a thorough investigation. Even a juror who sat on the case says Enrico Forti did not receive a fair trial and, while this juror was only a teenager during the time of the trial, she says she was bullied and forced to vote guilty even though she truly believed Kiko was innocent. New evidence has emerged proving Kiko's innocence’s. Just one example is when a witness saw on a television news station a story about Kiko’s Case, that witness came forward and contacted the news reporter because years earlier, he had a conversation with Thomas Knott in which Knott was bragging that he set up Enrico Forti to take the fall for the murder. 

As one of our country's Founding Fathers stated: "It is better that ten guilty persons go free than that one innocent suffer"