Allow High School Graduations in Florida to Commence

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As I watch my senior year and that of my fellow class of 2020 slip through our fingertips, I am called to petition to save high school graduation.

We have dedicated 12.5 years to our education and we have earned this event. I am certain college graduation will be wonderful for many of us but not all of us have that as our plan. This event is symbolic of so much more. This was OUR year and our turn to create events we would remember for a lifetime.  We have been robbed of so much from Senior Spring Break, last chance ACT/SAT tests, grad bash at Universal, sports seasons we trained for our entire lives crashing to an end and potentially prom being curbed. We don't want anyone to get sick and if these last 12.5 years living through 50 plus code red drills that taught us to follow procedures to keep our fellow students safe, we know how to create a plan to stay alive.

Whether we live stream the ceremony to our guests at their homes while we sit 4 feet apart on our high school football fields with just our school admin there to let us speak, let us listen and let us say goodbye to the memories, we want it! The senior class of 2020 wants our final goodbye.