Allow Florida Cities to Pass laws that Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

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From our beautiful coastlines to the Everglades, preserving Florida’s natural beauty and life sustaining environmental resources is very important to our residents, businesses, and tourists.  Unfortunately, current state laws prohibit local cities and counties from enacting regulations to help protect our environment from the dangers of single-use plastics pollution.

Single-use plastics and Styrofoam are relatively new products of convenience and are not critical consumer goods. There are less harmful alternatives, and we need to legislate this switch away from harmful fossil fuel-based disposable goods to keep the economic impact equitable across businesses statewide.

It is time we commit to phasing out these environmentally harmful products in order to protect our fields, streams, coasts, wildlife and reduce the legacy of environmental degradation that our kids will inherit.

Please support the Town of Palm Beach’s effort to encourage the Florida State Legislature to approve Senate Bill 182 and any companion House Bills relating to the preemption of single-use plastics. If passed, this amendment of Section 403.7033 and Section 500.90 Florida State Statutes would return the authority to local governments regarding the use and/or sale of single-use plastic bags and allow local communities to pass regulations that will protect our delicate environmental resources.