Advocate Children’s Rights in Domestic Violence Abuse Situation

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Let’s raise awareness to this domestic violence situation in Dade City, Florida. Please sign this petition to advocate for children Dania Rich, Dillon Rich, and Katia Rich. These poor children have been failed by our justice system. They are constantly begging the police not to take them to back their abusive white father but unfortunately, the courts have rewarded their abusive father with majority custody. This court has ignored the domestic violence abuse to go against a woman of race and color. She has escaped her abuser’s grasp but her children have not.

Out of all the black eyes and bruises their struggling mother has endured, the worst pain she has said to deal with was watching her children being ripped away from her and into the hands of her abuser. What kind of message does this send to the children of America about our justice system and constitutional rights? 

This court in Dade City has continued to take importance of their racist and sexist views while ignoring the wishes of the children and their mother in a domestic violence situation. By signing this petition, you are calling upon the duty of the state of Florida governors to hear your voice and let the voices of children be heard. Regardless of your political stance, we hope you can find it in your heart to listen to and protect children from this gruesome violence.