Petition for the Entire State of Florida to Become 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

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With the blatant and unconstitutional attacks on the second amendment of the United States of America in both past and very recent times, we the people of the great state of Florida and abroad throughout the USA, petition our elected officials to declare the entire State of Florida a sanctuary that is immune to any and all violations of the United States Constitution, namely, the recent attacks on the second amendment of Florida, which include but are not limited to, the anti-paramilitary training act (790.29), red-flag laws, criminalizing bump-stocks and similar devices, and the inability to openly carry firearms. These infringements violate multiple Constitutional amendments. We think it preposterous that some would consider the idea that we the people should give up essential liberties for security as being plausible. We believe that we'll lose both freedom and security under this thesis.

We ask with much emphasis that the governor of Florida and the other officials attached to this petition, make the right decision and declare the state of Florida a second amendment sanctuary that is immune to any laws or legislation that violate the Constitution and that the above said will omit all laws in place that do so and render them null and void.