Ron Christie/Dark MOFO - fund it!

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Ron Christie (the accidental Mayor of Hobart) has suggested that Dark Mofo should move away from Hobart, either to Launceston or onto the Mainland.  We need to tell Ron that we think Dark Mofo is a fantastic festival and it should stay in Hobart.  Furthermore the Hobart city council should continue to support it through it's modest contribution.

The funding that the council provides primarily goes towards the Winter Feast which draws us together as a community and gets us out of our houses on cold winter nights.

The funding put in by the council is easily made back by visitors to the state, additional parking fees for people parking down around Salamanca and the social capital we spend in being a community.


Ron - don't tell em leave, listen to the people who voted you in, not people from Brisbane who want to rant at the world!