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I love Kailua as much as anyone; however, I am upset by the misguided efforts of Bill 11 to shut the doors of local businesses, and put watersports athletes in danger by banning not just kayak trucks – but all professionals – from utilizing Kailua Beach.

First, eliminating commercial watersports activities results in reducing the number of Windward visitors, which results in significantly less revenue for many small businesses, including restaurants and shops.

In addition, banning commercial activity would create a dangerous ocean environment for all users, with inexperienced novices out on the water without instruction. Just two weeks ago,in fact, my husband, Sammy, an experienced (and permitted) watersports instructor, used his skills to actually rescue a fellow local kitesurfer from drowning:  Trained instructors on the beach are necessary for the safety of all riders.

Futher, due to its unique conditions, Kailua Beach is the ONLY place on Oahu for visitors and locals alike to learn the sports of windsurfing and kitesurfing - so taking this away would be a huge blow to Hawaii's watersports community and those seeking to take up the sport.

I understand local Kailua residents' desire to preserve the small town charm and natural beauty of our community, and I wholly agree that commercial activities should be better regulated. However, what we need is a balance, and Bill 11 is absolutely the wrong answer.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: the Honolulu City Council.

Veto Bill 11

I am respectfully asking that you not override the mayor's veto of Bill 11 banning all commercial activity on Kailua Beach. I live in/have visited Hawaii and I personally know people – and families – that will be directly impacted if this bill is passed. Besides its economic impact on the Windward side, affecting countless lives and livelihoods, it will create an unsafe beach environment and take away the ONLY beach in Oahu suitable for visitors and locals alike to learn kitesurfing and windsurfing. While I fully support preserving Kailua's community feel and tightening beach regulations, there has got to be a better solution - and I trust in you, our elected voice, to find one. Thank you.