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Ask Daniel Sheehan To Evaluate the Constitutionality Of The Right That Protects All Rights

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Dear Water Protectors and others feeling the deep need to protect our Mother, the Earth, the air and water for living things. The Wasichu constitution of 1787, The Constitution for the united states of America is the only legitimate constitution Turtle Island has. It carries the intentions of the Declaration of Independence.

There is a proposal for state Citizens to use the 9th Amendment and Article V of the constitution directly to control state legislations and petition them to use Article V to amend the federal constitution in a way that protects vital elements absolutely.  We need a constitutional scholar who also unconditionally, will provide authoritative analysis of aspect of the constitution not generally taught in schools in order to select the best and most effective strategy.

Dear Daniel Sheehan of the Romero Institute. There is a problem in that people today have little familiarity with the constitution. I've mailed a flash drive USPS with a requested audio version of what I had personally said to Sara Nelson on June 2, 2017 in Santa Cruz at a benefit for Chase Iron Eyes. The 17 minute audio production presents a perspective of use of the constitution to protect unalienable rights, (un-alien-a-able), but that doesn't matter because none of the people who are trying to protect water know the constitution well enough to evaluate this proposal!

This is how you can help, this is why I drove 5 hours to get this information to you. I returned on June 16 to learn if my mailing of the audio presentation was received, if it was heard and what the response might be. I was unable to speak with anyone that knew if it was received.

This proposal is not expected to be a quick fix, but rather a permanent fix. It strives for ideals we need and if understood, as you may be able to, it need not be a slow fix. Please respond and give comment on a proposal to use the constitution to protect water, air, Mother Nature, our rights, our freedoms and collective futures.

Ninth Amendment - Unenumerated Rights
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Dear Daniel Sheehan, are the following assertions generally correct? In my experience they are, but they are not common perceptions of our constitution.
A-To use the 9th Amendment the people must define, in a majority, a right to naturally pure water and all elements vital to life, or anything needed to protect life, meaning humanity at least, because such rights are retained, but not listed, and are not to be denied or disparaged.
B-When 51% of a states Citizens have defined such rights, or rights that assure the authority to protect naturally pure elements vital to life and petition a state legislation to 1) accept that the people have properly used the 9th Amendment and defined a right retained but not enumerated. 2) Accept as public servants under the state and federal constitutions, the rights that the people have defined.
C-When 51% of a states Citizens have defined rights in such a way, and ask the state legislation to represent them in an Article V convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the federal constitution, do the state representatives have a duty under law to call a convention in the state to propose amendments to the other states if the people petition for it?
D-Is it true that a state legislator who refuses to accept the right the people have defined (B- 2) can be impeached because they have demonstrated that they are prepared to amend the federal constitution in a way not constitutional or not representing the peoples definition of right, in fact denying or disparaging the people right?
Please answer these questions for the people. They need and rely upon you or others who know the constitution who will use their knowledge to help guide the peoples selection of the most potent and lawful strategy needed to protect Mother Earth.

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