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WE ARE FACING A CRISIS! As many of you know Romelly Bin Brown is on the verge of leaving our somewhat beautiful school. Despite her nickname she is anything but trash. Arming herself with her always present phone and a nack for knowing the "gossip" BEFORE it is gossip. (Lets face it we're pretty bad at keeping secrets.) Romelly is on a mission to make the world a more weird and wonderful place. Just think...when the business we all know and love (Sea you Later) takes off, don't you want to say "I went to school with her". Well... why don't we upgrade our status from "I went to school with her", to "I graduated school with her". Keep Romelly with us and sign this petition. ( Even if you're just some rando surfing Rom said if we got 100 signatures she'd make a difference and tell all your friends about this EXTREMELY important cause.