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Rome citizens want answers!!!!!: Help seek the truth of the corruption in the Georgia State Government.

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Well to start over 700 employees lost their jobs and 80 were classified employees. The mentally ill patients I feel were abandon and now the jails are over flowing with mentally sick people who have no supervision and resources for help. It was done in a very corrupt way and the commissioner Dr. Frank Shelp was being questioned by a Ga Representative about corrupt dealings with Ga tax payers money and then I heard he resigned. Please read the article below concerning Commisioner Dr. Frank Shelp and the investigating done by Representative Kieth heard.Also I photo copied on my web cam part of the letter that was supposed to be hand delivered lol to the classified employees stating that if we don't agree with the decision made we have the right to petition in 10 days of recieving this letter. what a joke. I have been researching Classification and I don't think legally they could go around it because when Zell Miller did away with the Merrit system and classified jobs I heard he tried to do it to the ones who were already classfied and found out he couldn't do it so if you were hired full time before 1996 and stayed in a classified job. Then my friend you are still classified and I have a Lawyer you can talk to and add your case to mine. The letter was a scam because we had 80 classified employees at the hospital and not one signed a petition to keep their job and retirement going? Something sounds fishy in our State Government. I got the letter from a inside friend who I will not name.

Georgia lawmaker uncovers personnel problems at state's newest department   Posted: November 21, 2011 - 1:08am   ADVERTISEMENT By Walter Jones 


ATLANTA — The state’s second-newest department is facing personnel problems and a one-man investigation by a veteran legislator at the same time it’s attempting a major shift in how it delivers services to mental patients across Georgia.

Officials at at the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities say nothing sinister has occurred. But it hasn’t satisfied Rep. Keith Heard.

So far, he has uncovered the payment of 46 bonuses ranging from $1,034 to $22,000 given to employees for taking jobs as lowly as filing clerk all the way up to commissioner. All were paid outside of the state’s normal procedures.

The Athens Democrat also has a letter signed by the “Management Team” of one state hospital complaining of systematic irregularities in the hiring, firing and supervision of personnel.

And he’s raising questions about outside consulting done by the commissioner. What else is there, and how are patients affected?

“I’m getting so much stuff, and those are some of the questions I’m going to ask,” said Heard, in the House since 1993 and a member of the Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Resources that oversees the department’s budget.

The Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities began operating July 1, 2009, after being spun off from other departments. Even before it became a separate agency, its staff was directing the shift away from in-patient treatment at mental hospitals and toward out-patient services, a major change that has left patients and employees apprehensive.

Other legislators have heard plenty of reservations from patients and staff about how the change will affect them.

“The people I’ve heard most from are patients and consumers of mental-health services, just an uncertainty,” said Rep. Katie Dempsey, R-Rome.

She’s also heard from some of the workers at the Northeast Georgia Regional Hospital in her hometown that the department closed as the first phase in the shift toward more out-patient treatment. Few took advantage of the department’s offer of jobs at hospitals in other cities, she said, because they feared those would eventually close, too. But she hasn’t heard the types of issues Heard is bringing up although she’s interested.

“Overall, I have a great concern,” she said.

Likewise, Rep. Rusty Kidd, I-Milledgeville, knows hospital workers with 30 y

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