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The Government of Ozamiz's Unfinished Road Projects

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Government officials exist to serve the nation. The purpose of their candidacy is to make sure that the nation and its people will have what’s best for both. To make it possible, they implement rules and regulations, grant scholarships, offer jobs, carry out programs like feeding, outreach, etc. and of course, create projects for the development of the nation.As years passed by, the development of our society comes with it. A lot of new inventions are made and innovated to serve the people for their works to be simple and easy. Buildings were built, transportation are upgraded, and roads are being widened and reconstruct. The government who have planned for these projects don't have the time to finished it because of many infrastructures that they are planning to build. With it, there were unfinished roads that causes traffic to everyone and worst causes incidents.


As concerned citizens of Ozamiz, we have observed that all over the city of Ozamiz, there are a lot of projects of the government that are unfinished. Example of these are the couple of road repairs in some parts of Ozamiz which instead of lessening the traffic and delay, it’s the one causing traffic. This is just one of the many projects that are causing troubles in our city and we are seeking solutions to this problem.


Our group aims to raise an awareness to the citizens of Ozamiz City about the projects of the government that are not completed, when in reality these projects are given enough budget to become possible. Through this project, we will inform the citizens of Ozamiz about this issue as well as the government itself. We also aim to spread information about this issue to the public through several online sources that will greatly help our campaign and we will create an online petition with the goal to solve this problem.


To fix this problem, our group will create a petition in, a page in Facebook, an account on Twitter and a blog to help us broadcast information to our fellow citizen of Ozamiz. We will hand out brochures or any printed text that contains information regarding this issue. The extent of our project is to reach the government officials and the citizens of Ozamiz to sign our petition. This project will need a couple of days of making and improving and we promise to start our campaign the moment after we finish devising our printed text, make our Facebook page, our account on Twitter, our blog and publishing our petition.


To publicize our project, inform people and gather support about this issue, we will need funds to make this project into a reality. The money will be used for the printing of the campaign materials to share it personally to the public. We will also need the help of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter,, and blogging platform like Wordpress to spread the word about this issue.


For further information about our campaign, you can contact us through our email address and contact number +639483165053.


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