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Romania - do not legalize the mass killings of stray animals.

Romania, as a civilized country, member of the EU, must implement those measure to control the over populations of stray animals which have been proven efficient in all the civilized world : capture/sterilize/ appears that very many mayors in Romania have decided to KILL as many stray dogs as possible....
In mid March 2013 the Romanian Senate has passed with an overwhelming majority the Bill 771/912/2007, regarding the management of stray animals, and based on the Judiciary Committee of the Romanian Parliament, only the animals suffering from incurable ailments can be euthanised. WELL this did not sound well with many mayors in Romania, as well as many veterinarians ( !) and the Association of Romanian Municipalities - has contacted the Committee for Public Administration of the Romanian Parliament ( during the session in April 3rd 2013 ) and proposed the most HORRIBLE amendments possible....The euthanasia , after only 10 days, of all animals captured and living in state run shelters (public shelters ) being the MOST HORRIBLE and BARBARIC of all...
It is our understanding that the Committee for Public Administration will meet again in two weeks to make a final decision , to vote on all new ammendments and then, to send the Bill to the the Romanian Parliament for a final vote in a plenary session...IT IS OBVIOUS by now that local authorities ( town halls ) decided TO KILL AS MANY animals as they possible can...and we all know how "euthanasia " is done in Romania, and we all know that MOST public shelters are in fact DEATH CAMPS for the animals...
NOTE : please visit the official web site of the Association of Romanian Municipalities, to see HOW MANY spnesors from western Europe they have...!!!!!!! and realise how much MONEY they receive from those sponsors .( Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland....a.s.o)

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  • Romanian Parliament, ANSVSA, Romanian Government, European Parliament.

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