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I want to be proud again when I say that I am a citizen of Romania

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This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on 15th of October, 2013 and SHOULD only be signed by Romanian citizens (unfortunately, change.org does not provide a country-filter)

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With the introduction of Romania's "slaughter law", the Romanian government has dragged its entire country's reputation in the mud. 

On 25th September, the Romanian Constitutional Court had an opportunity to define whether Romania is a country worthy of being called civilized or whether it should be consigned to popular perception of a country unworthy of being considered anything other than barbaric, mismanaged, corrupt and dangerous. They choose the latter. 

And the entire world was both shocked and outraged. 

On 25th of September, 2013 the future of an entire country; the fate of many hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of innocent homeless dogs, was determined by the abuse of power of a handful of individuals.

The implementation of Romania's 'extermination program' ("extermination" was the word that they themselves had used during the debate in the parliament) has produced worldwide condemnation and a perception that Romania is a country which introduces medieval practices and governs in a draconian mode. The Romanian government has brought shame to Romania as a whole - the implementation of their 'slaughter law' has very negatively affected Romania's image politically and so many other levels.

The good people of Romania not only suffer under the consequences of the "slaughter law" which has polarized their society and made it dangerously divisive with half the population aggressing, and the other half defending, but they feel as if they were losing their pride.

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Va multumesc foarte mult, in avans, pentru semnatura.



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