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With the introduction of Romania's "slaughter law", the Romanian government has dragged its entire country's reputation in the mud. 

On 25th September, the Romanian Constitutional Court had an opportunity to define whether Romania is a country worthy of being called civilized or whether it should be consigned to popular perception of a country unworthy of being considered anything other than barbaric, mismanaged, corrupt and dangerous. They choose the latter. 

And the entire world was both shocked and outraged. 

On 25th of September, 2013 the future of an entire country; the fate of many hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of innocent homeless dogs, was determined by the abuse of power of a handful of individuals.

The implementation of Romania's 'extermination program' ("extermination" was the word that they themselves had used during the debate in the parliament) has produced worldwide condemnation and a perception that Romania is a country which introduces medieval practices and governs in a draconian mode. The Romanian government has brought shame to Romania as a whole - the implementation of their 'slaughter law' has very negatively affected Romania's image politically and so many other levels.

The good people of Romania not only suffer under the consequences of the "slaughter law" which has polarized their society and made it dangerously divisive with half the population aggressing, and the other half defending, but they feel as if they were losing their pride.

The message that you can read below will be sent to the Romania government when you sign this petition. 

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Letter to
President of Romania Traian Basescu
Prime minister of Romania Victor Ponta
Guvernul Romaniei Secretary of the Government
and 6 others
Union of Romanian County Councils Marian Oprisan
House speaker Romanian Parliament Mr. Valeriu Stefan Zgonea
AOR - Association of Romanian Towns Nicolae Matei
AOR - Association of Romanian Towns Secretary
Ministry of Administration and Interior
Ministry of European Integration Anca Daniela Boagiu
Sunt un cetatean al Romaniei, dar incepe sa-mi fie rusine de asta.

Cand intalnesc oameni din alte parti ale lumii ii invidiez pentru ca in tarile lor legile sunt puse in aplicare, iar coruptia nu domina intreaga societate.

A fost o vreme cand am crezut intr-un nou inceput pentru tara mea, dar visul pare sa se fi spulberat. Astazi suferim oprobiul societatii civilizate.

Copiii nostri sunt martori la moartea animalelor pe strazi. Ii raneste… Ii afecteza… poate pentru totdeauna. Uciderea cainilor divizeaza societatea noastra si oamenii – unii ii protejeaza, altii ii agreseaza.

Alte tari au trecut cu bine prin situatii similare, dar desi Romania a avut mijloacele financiare necesare rezolvarii, stim bine unde au disparut acei bani. In tara aceasta nu se mai face nimic pentru rezolvarea problemei, nu mai exista decat apatie si coruptie.

Vreau sa ma mandresc cu tara mea. Vreau ca cinstea sa inlocuiasca coruptia. Vreau ca politicienii sa respecte dreptul la viata – al oamenilor si al animalelor. Vreau sa traiesc intr-o societate in care exista dreptate si integritate. Toate acestea sunt doar simple cerinte de baza ale unei societati civilizate, iar noi le-am pierdut.

Vreau sa nu-mi mai fie rusine atunci cand spun ca sunt un cetatean al Romaniei.


I am a citizen of Romania, but I am starting to feel ashamed of it.

When I meet people from other parts of the world, I am envious that in their countries the law is enforced, and that corruption does not rule everything.

Once I believed in a new beginning for my country, but the dream seems to be gone. Now we are derided by civilized society.

Our children see the deaths of animals on the streets. It hurts them… It affects them, perhaps forever. The killing of dogs divides our society and the people – some protect, some attack.

Other countries dealt well with similar situations, but although Romania had the financial means to do it, we all know where the money went. There is no real management in my country anymore, just apathy and corruption.

I want to be proud of my country. I want honesty to replace corruption. I want politicians who respect life – people’s lives and animals’ lives. I want to live in a society where there is justice and integrity. These are the simple, basic requirements of civilization, and we have lost these.

I want to be proud again when I say that I am a citizen of Romania.

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