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Regain FCSB(known as Steaua) name , logo and stadium

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Lately Steaua lost its name , logo and stadium to the army as a result some suporters have left us and went to support the clone CSA Steaua which is the army's football team. Obviously there are numerous problems here such as the army shouldn't have a football team and that some suporters are now devides between the two teams and confused who to support. I think we should make it clear that Steaua Bucharest the 1986 European Cup champion is FCSB and that all the team records after that until now should be FCSB's. The owner of FCSB is Gheorghe Becali and all those years he paid tremendous ammounts of money to sustain the club and to maintain great results in Liga 1 and Uefa Champions and Europa League , it is highly unfair for the army to come 15 years later, as Becali took control of the team on 23rd of January 2003. The army says that those contracts were signed illegally and are of no value but if so then why didn't they say that sooner, I mean why say this now and not before? Regardless of this , Becali still lost to them but now its our time to win , no matter if you're Romanian or not , this is justice and everyone is welcomed to contribute, all we have to do as a team is sign that petition and after we will see what happens, all im hoping for is to regain our logo , the stadium and the name as It is OURS

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