Demand IKEA Remove ALL Animal Products From its Shelves

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IKEA represents its business practices as being progressive and sustainable. They like the public to believe they are a green and eco friendly company. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to the business practices of IKEA.  IKEA sells a wide variety of animal products: cowhides, sheepskins, leather furniture, woolen rugs, pillows and blankets made with feathers (down) from geese and ducks.

Despite IKEA's claim of being a sustainable and green company, the reality is that their choices to sell certain products are just the opposite. IKEA sources sheepskins and cowhides from Argentina, where animal agriculture is one of the main causes of massive deforestation and pollution. The industry that IKEA is supporting has already affected some of the most vulnerable ecosystems in Argentina, such as the Espinal and Chaco ecoregions. Sadly, this is only one example.

Ikea is being dismissive of the fact that animal agriculture destroys lives of animals by saying that animals are killed “respectfully”. Ikea still ignores the fact that there is no way to slaughter humanely someone who doesn’t want to die. Ikea still insists that animals raised in factory farming and murdered in slaughterhouses have “freedom from discomfort, pain and injury”.

We are asking IKEA to stop spreading the “humane slaughter” myth. There is NO miraculous “animal welfare” standard that justifies the slaughter of ANY sentient being for ANY purpose. For IKEA to be progressive and green like they claim, they need to take ownership for their destructive and inhumane decisions and become innovators for developing “new ideas and inspiring for a better future”. We are demanding that IKEA  REMOVE ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS from their shelves.  For the planet, for the animals and for a better humanity.