Stop Syracuse Diocese from firing teacher over a pro-LGBT ad

Stop Syracuse Diocese from firing teacher over a pro-LGBT ad

June 1, 2021
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Started by Hailey Dote

Religion teacher Micheal Zasa showed a pro-LGBT ad in his class (Ad shown: and now he could be fired over it.

Mr. Zasa is a long-standing religion teacher at Notre Dame Jr/Sr High School in Utica, New York. Over the years I attended this school he was a great asset to both the Catholic and secular community at the school. We even made him cards in classes when he underwent surgery to remove his brain tumor. Now, his job is on the line because he made the admirable decision to show the "Love Has No Labels" ad from Ad Council in his class.

Parents complained to the Syracuse Diocese, the overseeing body of many Catholic schools in the area, and they immediately took away his position as a teacher, and are in discussion to fire him completely right now. The Diocese has in the past sent in speakers that teach that homosexuality will send you to hell, and female birth control will give you cancer (even if used as a treatment for uterine disease). Forcing schools to teach hate and false information is wrong, un-American, and un-Christian. 

The day that this is being written, the principal of Notre Dame, Mr. Roy Kane, came into individual classes to tell students that being gay is wrong, that as Catholics they aren't allowed to believe anything different, and that the ad being shown was a terrible mistake. 

I hardly need to point out how harmful this is to all students, further shunning those who are LGBT and further enforcing bigoted beliefs in those who may not be. As a non-religious student, I never thought I would be this driven to help a teacher of what used to be a class I hated. Please help bring attention to the issue, which is not exclusive to the Syracuse Diocese, by signing and sharing this petition.

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