Remove RISD teacher from Administrative Leave

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Ms. Taylor Lifka was put on administrative leave due to her virtual classroom. Sign this petition to let Roma ISD know what they did WAS MORALY WRONG!

Ms. Taylor Lifka of Roma ISD was put on administrative leave after objections to her virtual classroom, for containing so-called political and divisive speech, including posters that read "Black Lives Matter," "Amiga, tu lucha es mi lucha," and "Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space for Everyone" in rainbow colors.
Please sign this petition to let the school district know that inclusivity and acceptance are not taboo ideas that deserve censorship; that high school students can and should be allowed to discuss the realities of the world instead of being sheltered inside a sanitized bubble; and that by reprimanding the teacher for trying to create a safe space for her students, the school is not being neutral, but is actively taking a stance that is antithetical to justice.