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Rollback OkCupid's 'brilliant' revamp of messaging

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OkCupid has for a long time been the only accessible option to look for non-random connections.

My experience with other dating providers was inferior for many reasons: less selectivity because of less thorough questioning; poorly filled out member profiles; or even a ban on membership for users from my country. What OkC has always been distinct for, was its emphasis on depth, rather than on photos and swipes.

Sadly, the current management apparently decided to succumb to market trends of superficiality. It started with restricting search for matches for people who are private and prefer not to upload a photo - which was a good way of avoiding attention from people who are only interested in looks.

It continued with making DoubleTake indispensable to site experience.

Now it is the only way to read first messages from people. A minor inconvenience it would be, if not for the fact that to see introductions of only three people, I had to work through twenty profiles I had not the slightest bit of interest in seeing because I am never interested in judging anyone by their photo. Meanwhile a lot of potentially meaningful messages were surely lost for me, because the current management is ready to waste rare and interesting connections and distract me with torsos of popular males instead.

I posit that any such drastic change has to be optional and take interests of the minority into account. I want to be able to opt-out of DoubleTake (the feature that is completely useless for me) altogether and get back my messages, and if my convenience is not of the management's concern, then at least be able to see the people who wrote me something for the first time in my Browse Matches screen, at the top and without dilution by any quantity of random profiles, or rather in some resurrection of the Visitors feature.

It would otherwise be my consumer choice to support the competition in every way possible, and to encourage my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and followers on social media to terminate their A-list premium membership and choose another services provider that is not a Match Group Inc. subsidiary.

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