Roland Fantom G Successor Required

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Judson Christudas started this petition to Roland Corporation

Roland has stopped producing the Fantom G Workstation and all its upgrades in order to support other business ventures. However, this is still a viable workstation built by Roland and is still used by many musicians and producers, but there are still no upgrades or support.
At the same time, its competitors Yamaha and Korg have launched their flagship workstations Motif and Kronos, and have been in the market with appropriate upgrades and support their users.
Even after 9 years, there is no direct replacement for the Fantom G, and only a few keyboards that have been demoted have poor build quality and short keys. Many musicians are still eagerly awaiting Fantom G's successor or what they want to call. This is a valuable masterpiece production device that can still be expanded and upgraded. Roland does not seem to understand that, there are many users who still enjoy the workflow and functionality of that workstation. As many members of the Roland community around the world are eagerly awaiting its successor keyboard, we ask Roland to have a look at this request.

Requesting Features
1. Top notch build quality as in Fantom G - No plastic please
2. Expand-ability
3. In-built flash memory
4. Better quality keys (not shorter such as FA series)
5. USB Audio Interface
6. User/Editable buttons & space for saving performance and voices
7. DAW compatibility/Remote Control functionality
8. 24 Track Sequencer with WAV/MP3 Export 44.1 - 96khz
9. Voice packs options via Roland online
10. Proper firmware updates with greater Mac/PC compatibility
11. X-Y/Vector Joystick
12. -Modulation & Ribbon Controller
13. Wide & Large Display Panel such as in Fantom G
14. 256 Polyphony
15.  Roland AIRA Integration


This petition made change with 31 supporters!

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