Rogue Nurse Practitioner, Cheryl Hansen, endangers inmate...

Rogue Nurse Practitioner, Cheryl Hansen, endangers inmate...

9 August 2022
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Started by Danielle Madden



  (The following of personal accounts from an inmate in Illinois state prison that are supported by medical records, institutional grievances, Illinois State Police reports, and IDFPR complaints.) 


   Robert Anderson, #K72625 a mental health patient and chronic sufferer of various ailments is currently serving time in Pontiac C.C. and has been maliciously subjected to all three mentioned above. In 2017 Mr. Anderson's conditions were diagnosed by the institution's healthcare Dr./Dir., MD Andrew Tilden, who initiated a treatment plan: prescribed both curing and pain medications, and medical utensils, and due to the nature of Mr. Anderson's conditions—and repeated fighting incidents with cellmates and outside referrals—a single-cell permit, and external visits to U.I.C(Univ. of Il. Chgo.).
   However, a few years later, while visiting with then newly hired NP Cheryl Hansen for a procedural renewal of said treatments, the woman began making crude jokes about this inmate's health. When he didn't laugh in return she became infuriated and refused to renew anything. She even barred him from seeing the doctor. From there and since then she has deliberately and recklessly worsened Mr. Anderson's health and caused him immense pain and suffering by not only disregarding Dr. Tilden's orders but also outside experts' referrals. 
   It is commonly known that a NP is subordinate to a MD and typically works off of the Doctor's license. Yet, as Subsequent events show, Cheryl Hansen constantly undermines MD Tilden's orders, plainly hell-bent on causing Robert harm. Moreover, upon information and belief, a culture of silence of most colleagues within the institution has provided cover for healthcare administrators Mrs. Davis and Nikki Rambo who have both consistently failed this inmate miserably. 
   In OCT of 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, Mr. Anderson was forced to carry out a peaceful protest by going on a hunger strike for 34days. Throughout this time it was documented that he passed out and nearly died 4 times before Dr. Tilden and Nikki Rambo fixed the wrongs of Cheryl Hansen and re-enacted his treatment plan. ***It is noteworthy to mention that during the same timeframe, while Mrs. Davis and Nikki Rambo were employed as healthcare admin in Pontiac C.C., another inmate, Tyron Williams, was allowed to die on hunger strike, despite IDOC policy to force-feed inmates before such occurs.***

   Not long after, approx. AUG. 4th, 2021, Cheryl Hansen, again, rebelled against Dr. Tilden's orders and stopped critical Med. Utensils Robert needed along with all his medication and refused to renew his single-cell permit. As a result, he fell into a medical emergency, which was called by the cell house lieutenant. Cheryl arrived amongst med. Personal; she waited until officers walked away and personally told this inmate that she was going to make him suffer and that she would keep him from seeing the Doctor. She then left, blatantly neglecting to provide any medical assistance. Thus Mr. Anderson's forced on an additional hunger strike for 13days until Dr. Tilden once more intervened and corrected her cruel deeds. Clearly, another failure on behalf of healthcare administrators Mrs. Davies and Nikki Rambo this incident in August 2021 was so reckless that Robert's family and attorney, Stephen Richards, agreed that contacting an outside law enforcement agency was indeed the right course of action. And on August 21st, 2021 a complaint was filed with the Illinois State Police. (ISP) against NP Cheryl Hansen for criminal negligence (See IDOC Grievance #094610; also Exhibit A, ISP report #21-000001672).

   Nonetheless, the complaints only seemed to inflame Cheryl's malice towards this inmate even further. Because one month after, OCT 2021 again she waited precisely until Dr. Tilden went on vacation and in retaliation tampered with Robert's med. file and falsified the doctor's prescription. Without even re-examining him or anything, she cut his medication and put it to expire almost immediately, versus the dosage, Tilden prescribed and a six-month renewal span. In response, Mr. Anderson's family filed an additional complaint with the ISP for retaliation and a second count of criminal negligence (see exhibit B, second ISP report #21-02284 for further details).   

   Although slow-paced, a criminal investigation is indeed pending via ISP and IDOC Internal affairs (Rockport, IL). And for a short time thereafter, things seemed sufficient in terms of this inmate's care. However, such was short-lived. In Jan. 2022 Cheryl abruptly stopped meds and medical utensils, forcing him on a hunger strike for the third time. Mr. Anderson starved for 18 days until his treatment plan was restored. Another failure on behalf of healthcare administrators Mrs. Davies and Nikki Rambo. 
   It is cruel to treat any being this way, especially a mental health patient. 
   This cannot continue.

   The makeup of all that Robert has endured prompted a filing with the IDFPR (Illinois Department Of Financial & Professional Regulation)directly against Cheryl Hansen's license (see the exhibit, C IDFPR complaint). 

This woman not only commits criminal acts, yet she also has a considerable number of civil complaints, regarding other inmates, which are currently active in federal court. 
   If her misdeeds are not curbed and Mr. Anderson's treatment plan is not steadily upheld absent malicious impediments, we ask that she and the healthcare administrators mentioned herein be terminated and removed from their official positions. Furthermore, if this continues inmates there, who are and have been subjected to similar acts, will be encouraged to resort to outside law enforcement agencies, rather than the fixed grievance system within the prison.
   In sum, Pontiac Correctional Center has been spotlighted on various news stations lately-WMBD news for central Illinois; 25 news ABC and others—for looming shut down. Multiple flaws have been cited: condemned buildings; Legionnaires' disease and black substances in water; corrupt personnel, both higher ranking, and subordinate officers, some investigated for homicides, some fired, others arrested; insufficient staff—security; and now, as mentioned in the headline, criminal negligence, intentional patient endangerment and induced starvation in the healthcare department. 

   Three additional reasons this prison should rightfully be closed down

   With his renewal dates approaching again soon (Jul. 2022, Aug. 2022), Mr. Anderson's health and safety hang in the balance. And if this feeble man should suffer an Ill-fate either by way of health issues or starvation, may everyone mentioned above and below be criminally brought to justice.

   Despite the indifference shown by prison healthcare officials, Mrs. Davies and Nikki Rambo, we again turn to these individuals first, pleaing for an upright response. However, should I pleas be ignored, we trust with good faith that recently hired wardens, Mindi Nurse and K. Joyner, will resolve this issue favorably. In the event that these superiors likewise overlook inmate Anderson's grievances, then this petition will not only be published internationally on for public support but will also be continuously forwarded to the Inspector General office of Illinois, attorney general office of Illinois, ISP, FBI Div. for Pontiac, Pontiac Police Department, healthcare director of IDOC, Rob Jeffreys (IDOC director), and JB Pritzker (IL. Governor). 
  We pray for Robert's health and greatly appreciate all support. 

  As of July 26th, 2022 Robert is back on a hunger strike for the same reasons mentioned herein. Despite going out to see experts at UIC on 8/3/2022, who examined him and reaffirmed that he indeed needed the treatment plan that he previously had, Cheryl Hansen is still denying this inmate said care. If your family, friends, or anyone you know, would like to participate in a peaceful protest outside the prison on Lincoln street, please provide contact information to the following, transportation will be provided to and from the prison.

Exhibits A, B, and C will be added in the post an update section.

There has been news today 8/11/2022 on KPVI news, and yesterday 8/10/2022 on all news stations across central Illinois and Chicago, about IDOC being held In federal contempt over healthcare failures, this dates back years... I will add newspaper articles in the post an update section, again, if you can continue to please sign and share.

Thank you.

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