Saints vs Rams fire the officials who deliberately blew calls to benefit their home team!

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Sign the petition and email or call the NFL Comissioner to discuss the retheinl of 2 officials that called the Saints vs Rams Playoffs Sunday Jan. 20 2019. 212-450-2000.

Dear Roger Goodell and the NFL Referee Association,

The referee for Sunday’s game was Bill Vinovich and his team who deliberately blew 2 blatant fouls and refused to make other calls against the Rams which ultimately cost the Saints the game.  Bill's crew have a history of bad calls and have been under scrutiny before. Time to end the era of games being thrown and won by the referees. The Rams even started a pregame petition to remove Bill Vinovich from the game due to his history. Time for the NFL to make an example and show zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Fire the officials for the worst missed call in the history of the NFL.  Lets make it known the fans will not stand by and allow this to continue to happen. Vinovich said it was not a reviewable play and didn't see it but the other officials admitted to seeing and not calling. Why were multiple bias officials from LA allowed to officiate? Will they make the same type of calls in the Superbowl to benefit their home team? Their history says yes! Maybe comissioner Roger Goodell should resign for corruption.

 The down judge for the NFC Championship was Patrick Turner, who was near the play and is normally on referee Tony Corrente's crew. The line judge — Gary Cavaletto, a regular of Vinovich's crew — was also near the play, and he was the subject of Saints coach Sean Payton's intense reaction upon seeing there was no penalty. All saw the play!!

Prukop, an official from L.A. also missed calls. " recently did a story, titled, "2016 NFL officiating awards: Best and worst calls." Prukop and Vinovich was part of a crew that was singled out -- and was the officially mostly responsible -- for an incorrect ruling in the New York Giants-Detroit game in Week 15. A four-yard pass to Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was ruled a catch despite visual evidence that the ball hit the ground and rolled between Beckham's leg before the wide receiver picked it up."

 Nothing has been more clear of  officials trying to throw a game for their home team than the missed call in the Saints vs Rams game. Except maybe the 2014 Cowboys vs Green Bay Divisionals where a clear touch down was overruled costing the Cowboys the game.  Multiple officials are from Los Angeles!

These are guys that are on the Superbowl officiating crew! Dishonest men do not deserve this privilege or even a job in the NFL.

We ask that you remove them from the Superbowl officiating crew and fire the dishonest officials or resign!

Thank you,

Signed, NFL fans in agreement of fair and honest officials.