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Petition to Regulate Organ Harvesting in Mississippi

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The alleged use of organs taken from accident victims, hospital patients, morgues, funeral homes & graves without the prior written and legal consent of family members to the victim(s) has become a serious growing problem in the United States. I began voicing my concerns with illegal organ harvesting back in 2003 after an accidental discovery of human bones, tissue, organs and body parts in a refrigerator of a hospital morgue where I was hired to maintain over 100,000 square feet of tile floor and carpet. I was praised at the tax exempt hospital (which is the largest not for profit health care organization in the United States of America) for 2 years from 1998 until 2000. Praises STOPPED once I asked the question "What do you all do with all those body parts in the morgue refrigerator"?  A question I wish today I could take back as that question was the beginning of many years of attacks, police harassment, personal and financial losses, gang stalking online, Death Threats and community hatred because I took on the largest employer in the state of Mississippi single handedly with no fear within me.

I created House Bill Resolution in 2009 and mailed via snail mail to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. He wrote me back a personal letter praising my HBR yet directed me to State Representative Steve Holland, owner of one of the largest funeral homes and crematories in northeast, Mississippi.  I got nowhere with Mr. Holland. He dodged me for years. Then, I was framed in 2013 Presidential Assassination Plot via Ricin Letters by a rival of Mr. Holland, James Everette Dutschke who told people all over Mississippi that Steve Holland was gay. Dutschke even posted video's making fun of State Representative Steve Holland. This is quite non-characteristic of a "child molester" to be rattling the cage of a long term politician with plenty of power and pull in the state while he is running against him in District 16 for the House seat in Congress. So many missing pieces.

I am creating this petition to bring awareness to the problem our country is facing with illegal handling of body parts, bones, tissue and organs. Many people have died as a result of receiving tainted bones, organ and skin tissue. If the bone, tissue, organ and body parts harvesting programs become REGULATED, then LIVES will be SAVED. This is my goal as to date, this industry has a giant hole in it that allows body brokers and grave robbers access to make a VERY huge profit at the costs of lives.

Thank you in advance for siging my petition and sharing with your friends and family.

Paul Kevin Curtis

PS. You can read my story of the 2013 Presidential Assassination Plot via Ricin Letters in the worlds largest men's fashion magazine "GQ" (follow link below for full 10 page feature/COVER story. Thanks to best selling Author Wells Tower for making this happen and writing such a great article, not to mention getting a movie deal with a major motion picture.

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