The last concert of Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd is one of the most important groups in the history of world music. His albums surpass 300 million sales worldwide. They are considered a very influential icon in the culture of the 20th century and the current century. Parents, children and grandchildren enjoy a transverse fanaticism that, rather than going out over the years, continues to grow fervently across the planet.

We, the fans, the same ones who bought their albums and listened to their masterpieces to this day, are the ones who made Pink Floyd the biggest and most important band of contemporary music.

I think that in gratitude to their fans, the same ones that made them what they are today, deserve a last meeting where we can see Pink Floyd live for the last time.

Yes. We were the ones who made Pink Floyd great. We are the ones who listen to them until today and continue to feed the legend that will last for a long time. We deserve a last world tour. One last chance to see them live.

Is it too much to ask?