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Expel Max Wang

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On Monday November 13th, the Berklee College of Music student body held a protest in response to a Boston Globe Article, which exposed  the  extremely poor ways in which  Berklee handles sexual assault cases. Berklee senior Georgeta Seserman stood up at the Berklee protest during the sexual assault open forum and told the story of her attacker Max Wang who has returned to Berklee after a year long suspension for sexually assaulting her. She also clearly stated that Max attended the march only to be asked to leave by the marshals. Georgeta asked three important questions; “What steps will you be taking in order to ensure that cases like mine don’t get swept under the rug in the future?”, “does putting the safety of students as a top priority end once they’ve left high school and have become ‘adults?’”,  and “I love Berklee and the luxuries it has to offer. Why should my perp get to enjoy the same?”.

We strongly believe that the first and most obvious step of action post-open forum/protest is to expel Max Wang for the rape of Georgeta Seserman as well as offenses towards other women.

Many women have complained about Max and his behavior. Many women have called him out on his actions, and have gone on to speak with friends who are familiar with Max. Max is a hot button topic when discussing rape on campus, and there's no reason why he should be allowed to remain here, let alone on scholarship. 

 Last year, he was found responsible for raping Georgeta in her dorm room. The rape itself happened about a year before that, though the case remained neglected until Georgeta brought the situation to light after the "Think About It" course. When the initial notes and report were being reviewed, it was revealed that the reporting officer at the time never recorded the rape itself, but only said that Max Wang, "felt her up". Chris Kandus Fisher from the Equity office (who didn’t even participate in the forum), has stated for an article with Odyssey, “if a student is found responsible for rape, that student will be expelled”. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for Georgeta’s case. Max received a year long suspension and is now back, making Georgeta and Berklee’s women (and men) feel unsafe.

Max Wang’s name has circulated since the release of an article written by Georgeta last year (link to article below). Many women since then have reached out not only to Georgeta but to faculty members expressing their discomfort.

By expelling Max you are not only doing what should have been done the minute the verdict was announced, but you are also sending the extremely important message stating  that there is no place for rapists, assaulters, and abusers on campus. 

At the forum, Roger promised Georgeta that he will personally review that case and the cases of the students found responsible for assault and yet allowed to return. Georgeta followed up with a kind email to Roger, where she received an impersonal form response.

We have been given permission to share that since Max's return, Georgeta has suffered flashbacks from the event, depression, a struggle in academics, and lack of sense of safety on her own campus. The school never alerted her of his return, and found out by seeing him in the hallway. He walked up to her and her friend to speak with her friend. She went into shock and had to contact counseling services, causing her to miss her class.  

We are not hopeful that Roger will hold his word unless we give him a push. Help protect students like Georgeta as well as the entire student body by signing this petition. Max must be held accountable for his actions not only towards Georgeta, but towards many other women. Change starts with us, and it starts with weeding out the people who make this campus unsafe. There is no place on campus for people who are okay with harming other people.






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