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Make Animal Cruelty a class A felony in Washington State

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We the people of Washington State demand all cases of animal abuse be charged and prosecuted as a class A felony. Insurmountable evidence has proven a direct correlation between those who abuse animals and those who commit crimes against society including (but not limited to) domestic violence, rape, murder, and child abuse. In fact, approximately 80% of people in prison for crimes against society have admitted to abusing animals and 70% of violent criminals began by abusing animals. For this reason, in January 2016, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation classified animal cruelty as a class A felony (which is the same caliber as homicide and arson) which falls into four categories including neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse such as cock or dog fighting, and sexual abuse of animals. The FBI is monitoring these crimes to ascertain who may commit other acts of violence. We request our state follow the FBI’s lead, which will inevitably keep our communities safer, especially for our children.


Testimonies of victim’s of abuse and/or those who have witnessed abuse towards humans from an abuser of animals:

“In my early twenties, I found myself in a roommate situation in which both severe domestic and animal abuse occurred. Horrified, I called the police to report the family dog being tortured day in and out. I was told nothing could be done, the dog had no rights. I quickly moved out, but not before overhearing the couple was considering adoption. To this day (almost two decades later) nothing I have heard, seen or experienced has made  me feel more horror than the thought of those monsters having a child in their home.  If that couple had been charged with a felony when I called in their abuse towards their dog, adopting would not be an option for them. And I still feel depressed every time I think about that poor pup and what she endured.” – Anonymous

"My mother committed severe abuse and neglect on me and my sister for many years, which ultimately culminated in a hospitalization when she attempted to maim or kill me. She had been abusing my cats(starving, keeping them in the garage in Florida year round, throwing them in the pool, kicking them, threatening to harm or euthanize  them as punishment to us kids) in escalating severity for many of those years. I believe there is a direct correlation between animal abuse and child abuse/domestic violence and animal abuse should be a felony" - Anonymous


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