Tampering Investigation on Antonio Brown signing

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Over the last 20 years the New England Patriots have been widely regarded as the most dishonest organization in not just football, but quite literally all of professional sports. Their latest debacle may be one of their worst displays of blatant disregard of league integrity yet.

After 9 years of relative model citizenship in the National Football League, Antonio Brown had a messy divorce from his career-long team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers refused to trade him to New England despite their interest and Brown was shipped off to Oakland in March. 

Just one month before the season was due to kick off, we began seeing behavior widely uncharacteristic of Brown. Wild actions such as the helmet saga, a face to face altercation with his general manager, and a suspiciously high production public posting of a private conversation between him and coach Gruden.

Followed by these uncharacteristic and unusual actions by Antonio Brown, he demanded a released by the Raiders, was granted it, and within one hour of his eligibility he was signed by the New England Patriots with a lofty signing bonus.

Granted, Antonio is an incredible talent and it was expected he would still garner interest around the league. However, who would give him so much right up front after his most recent displays? Furthermore, how could such a satisfactory deal for both parties be drawn up and agreed upon so quickly? That is unless, one team knew that these risks were not as prevalent as the rest of the league believed and an agreement had already been previously settled. 

The NFL has stated they have no intention to look into this matter despite the fact that there is more then a reasonable doubt this course of events came to be due to illegal tampering by the New England head office. Frankly, this sort of behavior is well within the track record of an organization so accustomed to bending the rules.

As football fans, the sport we love is being tarnished by a head office that refuses to abide by the rules. How much longer will we stand by and let such atrocities be simply swept under the rug? It is long overdue we take back the integrity of this sport and it begins with this investigation. 


This petition made change with 24 supporters!

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