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Stand for the National Anthem!

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Americans pay to see a "show" that the NFL puts on for them. They do not pay to see your employees do anything but play football.   

The signatures on this petition are people who request that you have your employees do their jobs and not use their workplace as a venue to protest or advance their personal beliefs. We are not asking that you restrict their rights to protest - however, we'd appreciate them doing it on their own time in the proper venue. A football field is not where you protest something political, racial, or any other controversial subject for that matter. A football field is for playing football! 

I'm sure if your employees use their personal twitter accounts to organize a protest at the white house to stop oppression - they'd have a wonderful turn-out. But again, a football field where people pay big bucks to watch a show about football is not a political venue and it's not what they pay to see. 

If you allow your employees to do something other than what they are paid to do, please know that the people of this country who support those who fought for that freedom (along with those who continue to fight for those freedoms) have the right to boycott your games. We may not be as famous, but we can also show our solidarity with just such a boycott as well as by writing to our Congresspeople to ask them to take away the enormous windfall you get by not paying taxes as a "club" 

Again, we urge you to have your employees do their jobs during a game and to advance their agenda on their own time, not on our dime. 

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