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Require NFL players to stand and honor the American Flag and the National Anthem.

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Dear Mr. Goodell,

I am a Vietnam combat veteran who has ceased watching and attending NFL games because of the player protests during the National Anthem. Many of my fellow veterans and friends have done the the same.  We are coordinating a boycott of your organization and the advertisers who support the NFL. This refusal of support will continue until the players, coaches, and owners stop insulting the American Flag and the National Anthem. Both the flag and the anthem symbolize the freedom that service members fought and are fighting to sustain.  Although we do not question the player's right to protest their cause, we do question the platform and venue which they are using to do so.  Our flag covers the bodies of our fallen warriors. Not honoring the American Flag and the National Anthem that accompanies it disgraces those who have sacrificed and died to preserve the rights these athletes are currently abusing. The refusal to recognize the flag is also a slap in the face to the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, siblings, and children who have endured the devastation of losing a loved one who CHOSE to serve their country. The owners and athletes should be ashamed of themselves for imposing this national embarrassment onto the American public. Unfortunately they are not. The salaries that the athletes, and profits that the owners enjoy are obtained from the generosity of the fans who support their sport. However we will not continue to support any sport that insults our nation. Again, we are not only boycotting the NFL, but also the advertisers that contribute to your bottom line. We would like that all athletes be required to stand for the National Anthem. Until that stipulation is added as a requirement of their JOB duties (because let's face it, it's a JOB), a boycott of the NFL will continue. Unfortunately for the NFL that will include lower TV ratings, decreased attendance at games, and low sales of NFL merchandise. All of this combined equals less profit for your organization as a whole. Please do the right thing. Honor the flag and the anthem as it should be honored.


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