NFL to meet our demands or we BOYCOTT!!! The Saints were robbed of Super Bowl berth.

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On January 20, 2019, during the NFC Championship game, Head Referee Bill Vinovich and his crew failed to penalize two blatant offenses from the Los Angeles Rams defensive back Robey-Coleman. This directly resulted in the loss of a Super Bowl berth for the New Orleans Saints.  These no-call penalties by the referees cost the New Orleans Saints team members, the team franchise, local businesses, the City of New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana lost revenue and a lost legacy. Furthermore, this seemingly willful disregard for the rules of the game has de-legitimized Super Bowl 53 and the 2018 season National Championship game, and has tarnished fan perception of the National Football League and its referees. Until NFL league changes are made, as set forth below, we commit to boycotting the Super Bowl and the NFL, resulting in their lost market share and revenue.


1) Re-play the Saints vs. Rams game, beginning at the point of these legacy-changing no-call penalties. The NFL Commissioner has the authority to make this decision based on such an unfair act, according to Rule 17, Section 2.

2) Make no-call penalties and penalties challengeable by coaches, using the same guidelines and allowances that currently exist for a coaches' challenge, AND if the play occurs within the final two minutes of the game, the play undergoes an automatic booth review.

The first of the two obvious offenses by Robey-Coleman that the referees neglected to call was a pass interference penalty. The second missed penalty was a helmet-to-helmet personal foul, which luckily did not result in injury to Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis. Either of these penalties would have placed the Saints at first and goal with only 1 min 49 sec left in the game. This was an egregious and unacceptable disregard of rules and safety set forth by the NFL.

*It should be noted that among the referees who officiated in this game, several live in Southern California near Los Angeles. The no-call offenses occurred in the vicinity of down judge Patrick Turner, from Los Angeles, and side judge Gary Cavaletto, from Santa Barbara, CA.