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NFL: Stop Disrespecting Our Country NOW!!!

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For over a year we, the American people, have been subjected to disgusting scenes of players disrespecting our country every Sunday by kneeling, sitting, or refusing to take the field during the playing and singing of our national anthem. As a nation that has been built upon the principles of liberty and freedom we have had to defend those principles many times throughout our short history, both at home and across the globe. Many Americans have fought and died to allow us all the freedoms, opporunities, and prosperity that we enjoy today. It is completely unacceptable for those who have taken the fullest advantage of our freedoms and oopportunities to disgrace the song that represents the sacrifices we have made as a nation. 

As a nation built upon values that include the right to free speech we, the American people, support the right of anyone to protest for any reason, but we will not stand by and watch as the NFL allows these protests to take place during their games and broadcasts. Therefore, we, the concerned citizens of the United States of America, call on NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, along with each and every NFL franchise owner to put a stop to these disgraceful displays. 

Until proper action is taken, we, the concerned citizens of the United States of America, will refrain from supporting the NFL in any way, including by not purchasing tickets to games, not purchasing NFL merchandise, not viewing NFL games or broadcasts of any kind, not visiting or viewing NFL websites of any kind, not promoting the NFL to anyone else, not allowing our children and families to take part in or support in any way the NFL, and actively working against the NFL and all of its franchises or subsidiaries.

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